From the Editor: The “Tipping Point” in the ACGME Competencies in Ophthalmology

Lee, AG

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is now several years into the national “grand experiment” of integrating six general competencies into residency training across specialties in the United States. For those of us “in the trenches” of graduate medical education, the process has been interesting and educational but it also has been frustrating, slow and not without its share of controversy. I believe that academic ophthalmology is now at a critical “tipping point” for the ACGME outcome project. As with any new initiative there have been exciting educational innovations created by small groups of daring explorers; there has also been grudging acceptance and even modest participation in the process by a cadre of “early adopters” (perhaps as high as 20%). Unfortunately, the vast majority of programs (“the middle 60%”) are still waiting for their marching orders before they will commit to full implementation of the ACGME competencies and worse the last 20% of programs will likely only be brought along “kicking and screaming”. I believe that we are therefore at a critical balance point between failure and success in terms of the widespread adoption of the ACGME competencies.

Journal of Academic Ophthalmology 2008: 1: 60-61. (c) Journal of Academic Ophthalmology

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