PostitMD.Com: A Web Based Tool For Resident Education

Ayyala R


Purpose: To create a free web based service that can provide teaching material to all health care professionals, medical students, residents or fellows in training and to help meet some of the ACGME requirements for resident training. Methods: Using Flash technology, we successfully built a website with the ability of anybody authorized by the site manager to upload pictures, surgical videos and power point presentations with speaker commentaries. Also, this site includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to be used by the residents in exam preparation. Only questions with the correct answer and explanation can be contributed by residents or other health care providers. Results: We successfully created a website (PostitMD.Com) that has the ability to easily upload pictures and surgical videos of various topics. These can be used to help educate residents or to access the residents’ surgical skills, and fulfill the ACGME/RRC requirement to monitor resident progress. Multiple choice questionnaires, online lectures, and grand round presentations will allow residents from around the world to prepare and practice for the examinations. Conclusions: is a unique website that health care professionals can use to build the largest collection of surgical videos, clinical pictures and exam preparation questionnaires of all fields that will be available to medical personnel throughout the world. This site is designed to enhance resident self-education and help the residency programs meet some of the ACGME/RRC requirements.

Journal of Academic Ophthalmology 2008: 1: 86-89. (c) Journal of Academic Ophthalmology

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