Creating THELMA - The Human Eye Learning Model Assistant

Pao KY, Uhler TA, and Jaeger EA


Purpose: To create an eye model for teaching medical students and non-ophthalmology residents direct ophthalmoscopy. Methods: A styrofoam wig head was adapted to view 60 degree images of the posterior pole through a modified practice eye model using slides or printed images affixed to interchangeable retinal plugs. Results: Slide images are clearer and easier to view but are larger than real size and require indirect illumination. Print images are closer to real size and use direct illumination but need better fidelity. Conclusion: Both slide and print methods are useful teaching aids. THELMA is a funduscopic eye model developed to assist
teaching and testing direct ophthalmoscopy skills.

Journal of Academic Ophthalmology 2008: 1: 25-29. (c) Journal of Academic Ophthalmology

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